Pramaze Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate / partner of Pramaze, share our resources and earn an income

We have some fantastic products that we're looking for help to promote. Specifically Mobile Apps for business, and Feedback and Review Tool for businesses

If you feel you could promote these products and earn a commission, then register on this page to become an affiliate.

You'll soon be earning commission for each sale you refer to us.

Once you sign up, we get to work setting up your admin area, where you can manage all the details of your income and commissions.

We'll show you how to keep track of your sales / income / referrals through your detailed dashboard, and access relevant information.

We have easy to use resources and links to send your contacts to, which will help maximise the conversions of your referrals

We're always on hand if you have any questions of ideas to make your leads convert more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any rules to becoming an affiliate?
Yes, but these should be fairly reasonable to expect. You'll lose the right to be an affiliate and get paid if you spam or act illegally etc. Other than that, if you've been happy with your purchase and want to share something you've enjoyed, we're not going to stop you getting paid for that. There is a more extensive list of do's and donts once you enrol
How do payments and tax work?
You're will not become an employee of Pramaze and will be responsible for your own tax declaration and tax payments. You will be paid monthly, which will arrive the month after 30 days from purchase has passed via pay pal.
What if i want to leave?
That's no problem at all, just get in touch with us and we'll remove you from our affiliate / partner program

Get started now!